Triple Dare Running Company Ambassador

Andrew Wright

Triple Dare Running Ambassador Andrew Wright

You can find Andrew Wright at every single Triple Dare race, along with his adorable and spunky "mini me" daughter and their crew for Ava's Avengers! You will most likely find Andy wearing a cape during our races, bringing the last runners across the finish line! His cape is very fitting for this hero!! Read on to find out why!! Andy, you and your whole family have always been a part of the Triple Dare Family, but here is your "official" welcome!!

"In June of 2013, I was hospitalized in Los Angeles, paralyzed on one side of my body. Across the city, my then 4 year old daughter Ava was recovering from brain surgery for an incurable brain condition. While laying in my hospital bed, all I could think about was how important it was that I bounce back; and get back into endurance sports to help show Ava that anything is possible. It was incredibly important for me to find a way to help her see that with her condition, there would be good days and bad days; but if she just kept going, she’d be ok. There’s no better way to learn that lesson than through running. Some runs are awful, and some are great; but as long as you keep going, you can overcome whatever is thrown at you.

When we first got back to Vegas, neither of us could walk to the end of the block; but we worked together to rehab and recover. Since then, I’ve completed over 100 races, and Ava has completed over 50, often racing against adults.

We love introducing trail and obstacle racing to new friends. They are two of the few activities that can truly change lives for the better. Not just the obvious health reasons; but because of the fighting spirit they help build to always finish and continue to push the extra miles when others quit.

With other members of Ava's Avengers, we compete in endurance events across the country to help raise money and awareness for various children's charities, as well as help introduce people to running to help jumpstart a happier life."


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