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Triple Dare Running Company Ambassador

Darren Ramdhan

 My name is Darren Ramdhan and I'm excited to be part of the Triple Dare team. My first Triple Dare race was the 2016 Flight of Fire Half Marathon. My father had recently passed away but always enjoyed looking out at Red Rock from his patio so I thought it'd be cathartic to run close to them. After the race I tried to get on a bus but Heidi Dove convinced me to stick around for awards as she told me that the bus wouldn't leave. The bus left. I got a great view from the award ceremonies. Thank you Heidi, I was used to leaving after races that I never really met the volunteers or racers who, like me, were pushing themselves to new limits and just enjoying life. My father never saw me run but he runs with me all the time. He'd be glad that I was with people who discovered his secret. Life is beautiful. I look forward to running with you.

Triple Dare Running Ambassadors