Triple Dare Running Company Ambassador

Eric Haselby

I’m active duty Air Force, stationed at Nellis, and will be hitting 18 glorious years this fall. I’m also the Running Team Manager for the US Military Endurance Sports Team ( I’m a very passionate marathon and ultramarathon runner... so passionate that I opted to pursue an education in the field. I hold various coaching and personal training certifications, and a masters in Health and Sports Science with a concentration in Exercise Science and Human Performance. The goal post-retirement is to run, run a little more, do some coaching, and more running. 2018 has already been a great year already with multiple podiums on both road and trail races, and a new sub 20 hour PR at Umstead 100 Miler. But honestly, none of that matters.... what really matters is getting out there, and doing epic “stuff”. Pushing your personal limits, doing things you never thought possible, and sharing your love of running is what this sport is all about. This year will bring new races, new challenges, and new chances to break the barriers. Time to do work!

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