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Triple Dare Running Company Ambassador

Jamie Schofield

Triple Dare Running Ambassador Jamie Schofield

If you want to know where Jamie Schofield is during a run, just follow the trail of pasta!! Jamie's meticulous planning and fueling ideas make her a great example for other runners! She literally fuels during runs with baggies of cooked pasta in her pockets (genius!) You may, or may not, find this bubbly blonde, after a run, sitting with a beer in hand (maybe a huge plate of French fries) and her super-supportive husband and adorable kids in tow! Jamie is always organizing runs, helping lead runs, and inspiring us with her goals! Jamie, my dear, welcome to our Triple Dare Family! Here is what Jamie has to say:

"I started running when I was 3 because my parents were runners and I think it was just easier for them if I was a runner too. I ran competitively for many years before deciding that summer in Texas is awful and choir was air conditioned. Fast forward two decades and a friend asked me to do a half marathon. I initially said no, but then my daughter, who was a newborn at the time started crying, and I realized running got me out of the house away from babies. 

One half marathon turned into six half marathons in a year, followed by four marathons, two 50ks, and one 56 mile race. Needless to say, LOTS of time away from babies. All jokes aside, I run because that is where I find my peace. I am a better wife, a better mom, a better boss and employee because I demand that time to balance myself. My biggest running accomplishment was finishing the Whiskey Basin 88k without killing my husband who so wonderfully paced me and crossing the finish line with my kids. 

I have 100% found my passion in trail and ultra running. There is nothing better to me than being out on the trail and I am love sharing that passion with others. I am super excited to be a Triple Dare Ambassador to share this passion and encourage other runners! Triple Dare truly cares about their events and goes out of their way to create a phenomenal event. Next up I have the Tushars Marathon, a not yet picked Fall 50K , and then a spring 50 mile."


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