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John Mark

Triple Dare Running Military Ambassador John Mark

We are honored to spotlight another military ambassador! John Mark has faithfully supported us from afar, and his story is truly inspiring! We are so honored to welcome you to the Triple Dare Family!! Let him inspire you! Here is what John Mark has to say:

"This is me after Bootleg last October (Run the Canyons.) My name is John Mark and I run for sobriety! ❤️ I am a 100% disabled veteran dealing with chronic PTSD. I quit hiding from it when I started running. I replaced a cocktail of drugs and a daily drunk with trails and miles. I was very close to ending my life before finding myself lost and found in running. My heart is bulging with love for anyone dealing with addiction. I'm very honest about the destruction and past I've dealt with, but today that's my past and running is my future. I don't want to be the best Ambassador for Triple Dare Running Company, just the best Ambassador I can be. I was so lucky to meet some very wonderful people running with you guys. I was a bit shy, but now that we are family I think that's going to change. The family atmosphere and the attitude of love and acceptance that I experienced running with you guys really hooked me. I made incredible friends that I know decades from now I will still love and adore. I hope to make so many more. Again, so honored to know each of you. I'm an unapologetic ultra runner, recovering alcoholic and addict."


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