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Triple Dare Running Company Ambassador

John Sterling

After moving to Vegas last year, I wanted to check out a trail race. I’d read about them but I’d never been to one. So I signed up to volunteer at Triple Dare’s Dam Ruck n Run. As I sat there all night and the next day watching these lunatics abuse themselves, I thought, “these people are insane.” It also felt like I’d found a new home. The whole Triple Dare family was so welcoming. Did I mention the donuts? I’ve been addicted to trails (and donuts) ever since. Through running I recently found a new passion. Last October I read an article about a blind runner who ran the NYC Marathon with a sighted guide. He talked about how running changed his life. He described the experiences we all share, from setting and achieving goals, to the emotional rollercoaster we’re all familiar with. As I was reading it, I realized that his journey sounded exactly like mine. With one difference. In order to run, he needed a friend to run with him. There were no local organizations providing guides, so we started a local chapter of Achilles International. Triple Dare supported us from the beginning, and continues to sponsor our guides and athletes. This is gonna be a great year with lots of new adventures. Now go do something epic!

Triple Dare Running Ambassadors