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Triple Dare Running Company Ambassador

Katherine Wammack

Triple Dare Running Ambassador Katherine Wammack

Katherine Wammack is another ambassador that has been with us since the very beginning!! She is the type of person that would do anything for anybody on a moment's notice!! She is selfless, hard-working, dedicated, and FUN!! We love her "no-filter" and "no-nonsense" personality!! Kathy, we have always called you our sister, but we are honored to make it official!! Welcome to our crazy family!! Here is what Kathy has to say:

"Two and half years ago, I was in a funk, worst shape of my life. I started walking when my son would run, and finally decided I would try. While I'm still a walk/jogger/power hiker, I'm loving my life. 75 pounds lighter and have added an amazing family and many friends in its place. I am forever grateful that Aubrey sought me out to help volunteer at Silverman then again at their very first race. And now I'm hooked! I look forward to watching this company grow, and being there with them as they do! I can't wait to see what the future holds!"


Triple Dare Running Ambassadors