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Lee Huffington

Triple Dare Running Military Ambassador Lee Huffington

Lee Huffington's nickname is the Pied Piper, and he has motivated and influenced countless runners in our area. He leads by example and has overcome many obstacles and trials to become who he is today. We are honored to have Lee as part of the Triple Dare Family. Here is what Lee has to say:

"Lee Roy Huffington - aka Pied Piper. I am currently a member of the follow running groups; Rockin Runners, Desert Rats and Running Misfits. My running career started when I was at a Boy Scout camp in the late seventies, we had an Olympic Games competition. My scout master entered me to run the trail running event. This was the first time I had run a long event, except when running from the police…not kidding! Long story short, I won the event. When I got back from camp I reached out to our high school coach and sighed up for the team. I am a 4 time letter man in both track and cross country at Basic High School in Henderson – of course. 

After high school I enlisted in the United States Navy where I was the leader of our company and would run the fat farm during boot camp. I continued to run for the next ten years, but then things fell apart when I got involved with crystal meth. This drug put my running career on hold and ruined many aspects of my life. I was able to recover from this addition but replaced it with another…food. By 2011 I reached a whopping 262 pounds and couldn’t run a block. My buddy talked me into enrolling into Real Results weight loss program. During the next 90 days, I was able to drop to 200.2 pounds. I met Nancy Dickinson during a stretch session; she asked what my endurance goals 
were. At that time I had none, she told me that she ran a half marathon training program. I signed up and have not looked back. Over the last 6 years I have run over 100 races, both road and trail, triathlon and mud runs. Next came my next major hurdle; last year I had two DNFs in endurance races due to cramps, my goal this year is to redeem myself of these. The First is the Bootleg Canyon Beat down 10 miler in June and a 70.3 triathlon – Tempe Ironman in October. I have also scheduled at least 10 more race for the rest of the year. 

I am the team captain for “The Huff” for the American Cancer Society – Relay for life. This is our fourth year participating, this all started with my mom getting diagnosed with cancer. The past year is has been tough; we have lost many family members to cancer to include my mom. I am also involved with “No Hero in Heroin". I lost my younger brother 2 years ago to this drug. It is truly amazing how bad the epidemic has taken over our town. I work for MGMResorts International; I do my corporate social responsibilities by volunteering for Three Squares, Help of Southern Nevada and Toys for Children. I am urrently working on my Chi running certification so that I can assist other runners in an injury and pain free running style.

It is a great honor to be selected as a Triple Dare Running Company Ambassador and plan to serve you and the community well! See you all soon for a swim bike or run!!"


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