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Triple Dare Running Company Ambassador

Lee Huffington

(Navy Veteran)

AKA, AARP Runner.  I am currently a member of the follow running groups; Rockin Runners, Desert Rats and Running Misfits.  My running career started when I was at a Boy Scout camp in the late seventies, we had an Olympic Games competition.  My scout master entered me to run the trail running event.  This was the first time I had run a long event, except when running from the police…not kidding.  Long story short, I won the event. When I got back from camp I reached out to our high school coach and signed up for the team. I am a four time letterman in both track and cross country at Basic High School in Henderson – of course. After high school I enlisted in the United States Navy where I was the leader of our company and would run the fat farm during boot camp. I continued to run for the next ten years, but then things fell apart when I got involved with crystal meth.  This drug put my running career on hold and ruined many aspects of my life.  I was able to recover from this addition but replaced it with another…food. By 2011 I reached a whopping 262 pounds and couldn’t run a block. My buddy talked me into enrolling into Real Results weight loss program. During the next 90 days in was able to drop to 100.2 pounds. Over the last 7 years I have ran over 100 races, both road and trail, triathlon and mud runs.

I am the team captain for “The Huff” for the American Cancer Society – Relay for life. This is our fourth year participating, this all started with my mom getting diagnosed with cancer. The past year is has been tough; we have lost many family members to cancer to include my mom.  I am also involved with “No Hero in Heroin”, I lost my younger brother  three years ago to this drug. It is truly amazing how bad the epidemic has taken over our town. I work for MGM Resorts International; I do my corporate social responsibilities by volunteering for Three Squares, Help of Southern Nevada and Toys for Children.

Over the last couple of years, a lot has change in my life!  First, I found my new love for running, it is all about the “Trail”. Trail runners are different than other types of runners, they are all about being out there together – no individuals.  Most importantly, I found the love of my life, Shirley Huffington, of course on a trail run.  I must admit she is a faster at running than me, but I get the better view.

It is a great honor to be selected as a Triple Dare Running Company Ambassador for the second year and plan to serve you and the community well!

See you all soon on the trail.

Triple Dare Running Ambassadors