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Triple Dare Running Company Ambassador

Meaghan Karanasios

Triple Dare Running Ambassador Meaghan Karanasios

Meet Meaghan Karanasios!! If you want to get shiz done...put Meagan on it!! In addition to being a solid runner, Meagan is goal oriented, pays attention to detail, will encourage and talk to everyone...and is a pretty mean griller...yum! You don't need to look far for Meagan...You can hear this extremely social butterfly miles away! Welcome to the Triple Dare Family!! Here is what Meaghan has to say:

"I started running 8+ years ago. My dad has always been a runner and has encouraged me to join him on runs. It was not until my husband started running though, that I followed suit - if he ran I ran. It started with yearly Turkey Trots, followed by a 25K trail run followed by the Richmond Marathon and the rest is history.

I love running. It's a great way to explore new areas, take in scenery and reduce stress. It's also a great way to meet new people. When I moved to NV 3 years ago I searched for running groups and immediately started going to meetups. Its because of the running community here that I immediately felt at home and love living here. The running community has been so awesome, supportive and welcoming that it feels like home.

I love hearing about other people who are just starting to run and their success stories. I love sharing my joy with others which is why I wanted to become an ambassador. I want to share my love of trails with others. and I really believe in and love Triple Dare. I love how much time and energy they put into organizing their races to make sure they are the best and everyone has the best experiences with their races. I think the time they put into prepping shows they truly love what they're doing and care that people have fun. I'm looking forward to working with them and sharing their passion with others and helping them grow!"


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