Triple Dare Running Company Ambassador

Michael Laymon

Triple Dare Running Ambassador Michael Laymon

So...this guy here has passionately supported Triple Dare from the very beginning: running, volunteering, marking courses, scouting trails, sharing about us on social media, and introducing us to our medal designer! Michael Laymon, we thank you for believing in us and supporting us from day #1! Here is your "official" welcome to the Triple Dare Family! Here is what Michael has to say:

"Well, keeping this as short as possible I started running ultras because I lost a bet 😂 I ran the Lake Hodges 50k for the first time in 2015 and have been running ultras ever since. I'm sponsored and run for Ultima Replenisher, Runderlust, Elevation Culture and now Triple Dare Running Co. I'm the founder of The Trail Initiative

I also put on many local races and clinics here in San Diego. My goals and training for the next few years consist of Bryce Canyon 100 in 2018 and Lake Tahoe 200 in 2019. Doing the Bryce Canyon Traverse this June and planning to do Kilimanjaro in The near future with a coworker. For all you fellow ambassadors visiting San Diego, hit me up I'll be happy to show you some epic trails! So happy to be apart of something so wonderful and can't wait to meet each and everyone one of you if I haven't already!


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