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Triple Dare Running Company Ambassador

Run Aficionado

I started running when I was 31, it started right after dealing with a heart break.  I guess you can say I needed to feel pain in order to find my passion. So I initially started walking 1 mile, then I slowly graduated to 3 miles.  Soon after I wanted more, and that's when I discovered running.  Who would have known that a 440 pound man would change his life and running forever.  As I got better, stronger and more confident, the pounds started to fly off. Total loss 165+.  I was ready to step up and continue chasing my dreams.  I slowly conquered each distance making sure to train, and never take anything for granted. I am happy to say that “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.” In 2015, I said “ one day I will be an Ultra Marathon Runner.” On April 8, 2018, I completed my 1st 50 Miler, and became an Ultra Marathon Runner.  So believe me when I say, anything is possible. Just work hard, be disciplined, and stay consistent.  Run2improve, your mind, body and soul.  Please visit me at,and follow the process!

Triple Dare Running Ambassadors