Triple Dare Running Company Ambassador

Scott Daniel

Triple Dare Running Ambassador Scott Daniel

We have seen Scott Daniel out in the community, getting muddy and killing it, at the obstacle races here! He does not let any limitations stand in his way and has helped many people cross the finish line, in spite of not being able to hear. He ran two brutal 50-mile races on two consecutive weekends recently. One was our very own, Trail Trashed Race. He had a big smile on his face every time we saw him!! Scott, welcome to the family!! Keep encouraging and motivating!! Here is what Scott has to say:

"I am a World Traveler. Been around the world a few times when I worked for an International Trading Company. Decided to go back to college for a change of career in Animation and Visual Effects. Started fresh and I got my Masters. Was involved in three major feature films. That field was so competitive and unstable that I could not afford to live in an apt or even share an apt so I lived in my car while working on the three films. During that time, I saw there will be a Tough Mudder event nearby so I volunteered then ran afterwards. I pretty much got hooked then went on to do 18 more Tough Mudders, 4 Spartans and 1 Battlefrog. I wanted more challenge so I did the Antelope Canyon 50 miler Ultra last February and completed that in 12 hours. It was brutal then went to run the Trail Trashed the next weekend. Completed that in little over 13 hours I believe. I am always looking for more challenge and want to try 100K and 100 miler next year. BTW, I am deaf and can speak and lip read well. I look forward to working and running with you. I am currently taking a 48 state journey running couple of Marathons and 10 different Tough Mudder locations."


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