Triple Dare Running Company


Su Robertson

I originally hail from New Zealand and now live in Las Vegas, NV. Growing up I would always skip any PE classes (I took bowling as a PE elective!), so running had never been on my radar whatsoever. My friend then told me about this one race where you get a Tiffany necklace… so I entered the lottery with a few friends and… we got in! Instantly nervous about #allthehills in San Francisco I started actually decided to start training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. I met some great people and we started a social running club that now meets for group runs on a weekly basis (check out @RUNishED). After completing what I found to be a challenging half, I completed my first marathon in 2016 and then my first ultra in 2017. I really enjoy running distance, so just signed up for my first 50M for my birthday at Bryce Canyon, and also the Javelina Jundred 100km. Maybe there’s longer distance in the future… but just small stepping stones for now! I am so excited to be an ambassador for Triple Dare and cannot wait to see what the year holds!

Triple Dare Running Ambassadors