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Triple Dare Running Company


Su Robertson

I originally hail from New Zealand and now live in Las Vegas, NV. Growing up I would always skip any PE classes (I took bowling as a PE elective!), so running had never been on my radar whatsoever. My friend then told me about this one race where you get a Tiffany necklace… so I entered the lottery with a few friends and… we got in! Instantly nervous about #allthehills in San Francisco I started actually decided to start training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. I met some great people and we started a social running club that now meets for group runs on a weekly basis (check out @RUNishED). After completing what I found to be a challenging half, I completed my first marathon in 2016 and then my first ultra in 2017, and first 100 miler in 2018. I enjoy running distance, and just completed my 4th 100 mile race. I am so excited to be an ambassador for Triple Dare!

Triple Dare Running Ambassadors