Save Bitter Springs

As a resident of your district I would like to weigh in on the pending land swap deal with the Bureau of Land Management.

I am a member of the local trail running community.  Our group is nearly three thousand strong.  We share the same values with our friends in the mountain biking and hiking groups.  We want to keep our lands both protected and open.

 As trail runners we have learned to travel light so we may run farther and see every beautiful site.  We take out what we bring in, so the trail remains beautiful for the next runner.  Most of our trails are close to home, but some are farther away.

One popular run is the Bitter Springs trail.  Local groups hold two races there a year and it remains one of those “off the beaten path” gems.  The run takes you through a large rock bed and over an abandoned dam.  From there we head through a narrow canyon sometimes only a few yards wide.  Two our left are petroglyphs that remain undiscovered by almost all of southern Nevada.

The current proposal blocks our way to the trail head.  A portion of the road to Bitter Springs will be declared an area of extreme environmental concern.  Without that road we can no longer enjoy the Bitter Springs area. 

Our group suggests keeping the road from Moapa to the trailhead open to the public while designating both side of the road under heavy conservation scrutiny.  I understand this is not an uncommon action for local and federal governments to take.  It keeps our open lands open while protecting them from harm.

My valley wide trail family and I urge you to make this change to the draft before the transaction takes place and an exciting portion of Southern Nevada becomes locked away.