Save Rainbow Gardens

Dear Commissioner,


I write you as a resident of your district regarding the proposed land swap deal with the Bureau of Land Management.  While I am in favor of many of its components, there are a few ways in which the draft impacts your district, and the city, of which you may not be aware.

I am a member of the local trail running community. We are an informal group of roughly six thousand dusty feet.  As you might imagine, we are a very active group and our trail family enjoys many sites most Las Vegans have never heard of.

Once such area is Rainbow Gardens.  Under the proposed transaction access to the Rainbow Gardens trail system will become challenging at best, if not closed all together.  The draft does not designate the area for development.  Rather the document suggests the area be considered a place of extreme environmental concern.

If you visit the Rainbow Gardens there is a chance you will find me or members of my community pounding out some miles and taking in some views.  Over the course of the year we hold several group runs and a couple of races in this area.

What makes the Rainbow Gardens special, and the reason why we enjoy the area are many, but they can be lumped into a category called Site Seeing.  From the road, there is nothing remarkable about the trail system, but run a mile and things quickly change.

Running through Rainbow Gardens is like running on the moon.  Large boulders are everywhere.  It’s a tough run to the top but the views are amazing and there is a guest book to sign.  Layers of different colored rocks gives the area its name.  Its particularly popular at night.  Kick one of the agate rocks down the trail and watch the sparks fly!

My three thousand trail running friends and I understand and support the notion that a city must grow to thrive.  However, it is our hope that growth of our city does not result in the closure of our open lands and all of the one-of-a-kind experiences they bring.