I write to you as a resident of your district, a voter and a trail runner.

My trail running community measures nearly three thousand pairs of dusty shoes.  We are active and we are conservationists.  We believe in the idea of protecting our public lands so we may enjoy them without destroying them.

Being a trail runner is being a lot more than someone who likes to run on dirt.  Its about experiencing the outdoors.  Because I run I cover a lot of ground and get to see a lot more than the many hikers I see near the trailhead. 

Under the proposed land swap many of the trails on the west side of the valley will disappear.  I will no longer be able to enjoy the wide-open spaces with our friends and family.  These trails include Stash, Upper Deck and Rusty Bucket.  Each of these runs are known for their incredible views of our city and breathtaking sunsets.  My friends and I stop every time to take pictures together.  The trails themselves are a combination of easy dirt trails and some “slick rock” terrain that keeps us on our toes.

I understand a city cannot thrive without growth.  I only hope for controlled growth where our public lands remain open to public access, and for the growth to include even more Las Vegans enjoying the beauty of the open trail.