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Welcome to our website!


Check back soon for more updates.

This is something I would love to run! Oct would be a great month to be out there.
(August 29, 2015 ~ 10:29 PM)
By Jane

Great Website
You guys rock
(August 06, 2015 ~ 2:43 PM)
By Welcome Home Troops

This is such a great idea!
(July 09, 2015 ~ 8:03 AM)
By Melody Brim

Yes, pleeeease!
This looks like a weekend full of the Vegas experience I can get excited for! Hot, sweaty girls, rattle snake surprise and lots of dirty fun (the kind a shower will wash away).
(July 07, 2015 ~ 9:13 PM)
By Jessica

Triple Dare
I am so excited for your new running series! All of your races look amazing- I want to do them all!!
(July 06, 2015 ~ 9:09 PM)
By Lindsay Cropper

Love running!
I can't wait for your Vegas series! Love the photos!
(January 12, 2015 ~ 7:57 PM)
By Michael

Congratulations on the new website, I am looking forward to updates in the future!
(November 10, 2014 ~ 3:46 PM)
By Anonymous

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